Koe Wetzel - Love Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

koe wetzel love lyrics meaning

Love Lyrics Meaning

Koe Wetzel is a Texas-based country singer who has a rabid fan base that's spread throughout the state. He has been a major player in the Texas Country and Red Dirt scene, earning local radio airplay after the release of his debut album Noise Complaint and becoming one of the hottest live acts in town.

The Texas singer's 2019 album Harold Saul High is a messy record but shows some improvement in his songwriting. "Wasted" sees Wetzel collaborating with Diplo on a rumination on the ups and downs of intoxication atop a foundation that's equal parts rock and country.

Honey Pain

This single from Koe Wetzel's Noise Complaint album was released in 2016 and features the singer's vocals on this heart-wrenching ballad that talks about a failed relationship. The lyrics show that the singer feels as though he can never be in love again because he's been disappointed too many times.

February 28, 2016

Despite the fact that it's a little bit juvenile in terms of its lyrics, this track from Koe Wetzel's NoiseComplaint album is still pretty popular among fans and has become the song that has most made a name for him. It's a song that can make you feel down but also gives you hope, and it will remind you to keep going when things are getting hard.

'Austin' is another heart-wrenching single from Wetzel's NoiseComplaint record that is a great song to listen to when you are having a tough time with your current lover or ex-lover. It's a song that will show how hard it is to let go of someone who has been your best friend and has helped you grow into the person that you are today.


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