Kim Mathers Net Worth

May 16, 2023

Kim Mathers is a famous book author and well-known as the ex-wife of American rapper Eminem. She has quite a life story to share and has contributed to more than 14 books for kids. Kim has also made her name known by participating in various events and seminars as a speaker.

She was born on January 9, 1975 in Warren, Michigan. She was raised along with her twin sister Dawn Scott by their mother as her biological father Casimir Sluck was an alcoholic who was abusive towards them. Eventually, the twin sisters ran away from home to avoid the abuse. Kim struggled with drugs and depression, but eventually overcame her problems with the help of a family she found in Eminem.

In 2001, she married Eminem but they divorced in 2006. During their marriage, Kim and Eminem adopted her twin sister’s daughter Alaina Mathers. However, Kim later attempted to commit suicide by driving her car into a utility pole. She has since recovered and is focusing on her writing career.

Currently, Kim has an estimated net worth of $2 million. A large portion of her wealth comes from royalties and settlements from her association with Eminem. She has also been involved in numerous questionable activities that may have reduced her net worth. However, she is working hard to stay away from drugs and focus on her writing career. Moreover, Kim is an active supporter of her daughters Hailie and Alaina and spends time with them regularly.


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