Kidd G Net Worth

May 17, 2023

Kidd g net worth is an american rapper and TikTok star who has made some extraordinary popularity in the music industry with his creative and unique style. The rapper is well known for his positive energy and upbeat flows in his music. He has also garnered attention for his amazing physique and looks. In addition to rapping, he has also worked as an actor and model.

Born Gabriel Horne, the rapper was raised in a small town of Hamilton, Georgia with the full support of his family who were avid music lovers. He started creating his own songs at the age of 15 and he had already arrived at a gritty but melodic sound inspired by both classic country and hip-hop.

He has a rare gift for turning his hometown experiences into natural melodies and he has found tremendous success by staying true to his roots. He has released several singles and he has also collaborated with various artists. His single ‘Dirt Road’ was a chart-climbing breakthrough and the video for it was able to surpass 5 million YouTube views in little over a month.

Kidd g has a huge following on the TikTok platform where he has gathered more than 0.7 million followers. He has also posted videos on Youtube where he has gained great recognition. In addition to rapping and singing, he has also worked as an actor. He has a good sense of humor and he can make people laugh at his jokes.


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