Kevin Gates Pride Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

kevin gates pride lyrics meaning

When it comes to kevin gates pride lyrics meaning, the baton rouge rapper is no stranger to controversy. He has faced numerous controversies throughout his career, including being sent to prison multiple times for a variety of reasons. However, he has remained dedicated to his music and continues to write and perform today.

Super General: Kevin Gates’ Long Freestyle About His Private Life & Breakup With Dreka

It's been a while since we last heard from Kevin Gates, but the rapper is back in the game with his new track, titled "Super General." He's not afraid to speak about a lot of things on this one — including his past relationships and the recent breakup with his wife, Dreka.

The song is a long, lyrical freestyle that takes a close look at his past, including his time in prison. The rapper raps about the difficulties of being in prison, the struggle to maintain a relationship while in jail, and the pain that came with it all.

Aside from being a long, detailed freestyle, the song also includes some interesting details about his time in prison. Gates explains that his time in prison was difficult and that he tried to do what was best for him during it.

While "Super General" is a long freestyle, it's also one of the best songs we've seen from the rapper in recent memory. It's a high-energy song that he used to help kick off his new album, Push It. It's also a great song to have on hand to remind you to always try your hardest and be proud of what you do.


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