Kenneth Gamble Net Worth - Kenneth Gamble Married, Net Worth and Divorce

March 13, 2023

Net Worth

Kenneth Gamble is a famous Film Producer who has a net worth of $1-5 Million. He is 76 years old and was born in Pennsylvania, USA on August 11, 1943.

kenny gamble dating history

Kenneth gamble is married to Faatimah since 1990 and has 2 children. The couple was blessed with a daughter named Idia Gamble.

kenny gamble net worth, salary & income

The total amount of money a person has is called their “net worth.” This can be calculated by subtracting their liabilities from their assets. A positive net worth means that a person or company owns more assets than their liabilities.

kenny gamble marriage, net worth and divorce

The marriage of kenny gamble and his wife Faatimah is one of the most successful relationships of his life. They have 2 kids, Idia Gamble and Tia.

kenny gamble net worth, income and salary

The income of kenny gamble is estimated to be $1-5 Million in 2021. He has been in the film industry for a long time. He has also appeared in various award shows and events.

kenny gamble personal life, net worth and dating status

The information about kenny gamble’s love life and personal life is not publicized. He prefers to keep it private.

kenny gamble married, net worth and divorce

The divorce of kenny gamble and his wife Faatimah has cost him $60 million. He was married to Janice Gordon from 1958 to 1960 and to Jean in October 1960.


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