Kendrick Lamar's N95 Lyrics Meaning Revealed

February 13, 2023

kendrick lamar n95 lyrics meaning revealed

A fan has uncovered the hidden meaning of Kendrick Lamar’s n95 lyrics, after being given a clue from the music video.

It’s no secret that fans are meticulous in analyzing their favourite artists’ work, and Kendrick Lamar’s 'N95' is no exception. A Twitter user has analyzed a snippet from the music video to reveal the hidden meaning behind the lyrics in question.

'N95' is about "new normality"

The song's title is a reference to N95 respirators and face masks which were made compulsory by the US government during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to fight the spread of the disease. In the lyrics, Kendrick criticises the way society is currently undergoing change. He says that “we have to see that a new world has been put into place” and calls for social change to be imposed from within.

'N95' is a great track for Kendrick’s latest album ‘Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers'

The first song on the record is a great example of why the rapper is so highly-rated. It’s a sobering look into Lamar’s past and how it has influenced his current actions.

'N95' also reveals Lamar’s relationship with his aunt and cousin, who are both transgender. This is the first time that a hip-hop artist has opened up about having a trans family member, and it's important for the industry to take note of this.

The song is a real tear-jerker. The lyrics speak of how his daddy’s harmful beliefs about men can affect his future and his fiance’s reaction to him. Despite these issues, the rapper still has the heart and spirit to stand up for those who aren’t treated fairly.


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