Kendrick Lamar - Auntie Diaries Lyrics Meaning Revealed

February 13, 2023

kendrick lamar auntie diaries lyrics meaning revealed

There are a lot of big topics Kendrick lamar has to tackle on his Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers album, but no song has sparked more controversy than “Auntie Diaries.”

In the track, Lamar raps about his uncle and cousin, who are trans. The song is a powerful depiction of the hypocrisy Lamar sees within his African American community. Despite their calls for equality, Lamar claims that his family and his community fail to apply the same principles to the LGBTQ population.

The song is a complex and challenging track, with multiple mis-genderings, deadnaming, and hateful slurs. It was released alongside the album’s video, and many people have found the song to be triggering.

Nevertheless, the lyrics in the song are meant to accurately portray the racism and discrimination that a cisgender person can face. The song also shows how Lamar is able to grow in acceptance through his struggles with prejudice.

However, some have pointed out that the song’s f slur is extremely offensive. It is a homophobic slur that can be very difficult to hear in a music video and it can trigger people from the LGBTQ community.

While it may be a good way for Lamar to talk about his experiences with the LGBTQ community, it can cause many people to have a hard time listening. This is why many have criticized the song and the artist.

Regardless of the opinion that people have on the song, it is clear that Kendrick is doing a great job talking about a topic that is very important to him. It is a good thing that he is open to discussing such controversial topics and it is a step in the right direction for society.


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