Kelly Clarkson Covers Taylor Swift's Better Man

February 6, 2023

better man taylor swift meaning

When Taylor Swift was writing her Red album, she came up with a handful of songs she never released. She's now releasing them in her 2021 re-release of Red (Taylor's Version).

"Better Man" is one of those songs. It's a song about a breakup, and she was clearly in the throes of it during the writing of her Red record.

It's the story of a relationship that was just not working out, and it's one she knows she has to get out of. It's a hard thing to do, but she's done it. She's now in a new relationship with someone better for her than she was with her ex.

She was a little upset with herself for taking so long to leave her ex, but she's also proud of herself for getting the break up over with. She's learned to let go of the person she thought was her best friend and her husband, and now she's ready for the next chapter in her life.

Kelly Clarkson on "Better Man"

On January 23, Kelly Clarkson was performing her "Kellyoke" segment on her chat show, and she covered Taylor Swift's "Better Man" from her re-release of Red (Taylor's version). The country singer was the first to encourage Swift to re-record her albums after she lost ownership of her masters.

Her version of the song is a little different than what Little Big Town recorded back in 2016, but it still packs a powerful punch. It's brighter, with strings replacing some of the country instruments used by the group in their version. It's an interesting take on the song, and it's probably going to do well on country radio.


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