Kate Spade Quotes

March 4, 2023

kate spade quotes

Kate Spade quotes are a beautiful way to decorate your space. They are also a great motivational tool to help you reach your goals and live a happy life.

She Founded The Company

Kate Valentine Spade was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and she graduated from Arizona State University. She met her husband, Andy, while working in retail, and they moved to New York together in 1985.

She worked as an assistant fashion editor at Mademoiselle magazine, and was soon put in charge of accessories. She quickly found herself frustrated with the handbags she was seeing on the market, which were often gaudy and over-accessorized.

As a result, she founded the Kate Spade brand in 1993 with her husband and a friend, Elyce Arons. Her designs became a hit, and the brand eventually won the Council of Fashion Designers of America's New Fashion Talent in Accessories award.

The Kate Spade New York line grew to include apparel, shoes, jewelry, watches, home furnishings, and perfumes. It became a global brand, selling in more than 70 countries.

Her brand’s success was fueled by the vision and passion of Spade, who always wanted her products to be functional while still looking stylish. She loved to encourage women to be creative with their style and didn’t want fashion to feel intimidating.

Those who were lucky enough to work with or know Spade were shocked by her sudden death. Many of her close friends and family spoke out about her suicide in the months after it happened.


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