Justin Bieber's New Song "Anyone" Has a Powerful Meaning

March 7, 2023

justin bieber anyone meaning

It’s been over a decade since Justin Bieber made his splashy debut as a teen idol. And like most people, he’s experienced love and loss multiple times in his life.

The singer isn’t immune to these experiences; his sixth studio album Justice, released in early 2021, features several songs that grapple with heavy-hitting topics, including the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, racial injustice and gender discrimination. But one track on the album, “Ghost,” has a particularly powerful meaning that should resonate with anyone who’s ever lost someone they love.

Ghost is a song about grief and healing from a loss, and it’s a genuinely moving tune that songwriters Jon Bellion and Watt have said reflects their own experiences. They also say that the song’s lyrics can be applicable to any relationship, whether it’s a breakup, divorce or a friendship that’s ended.

In the video for the song, Bieber plays a Rocky-esque boxer and shows off his ripped physique. But unlike in other music videos, he doesn’t have any tattoos.

It’s a throwback look that many fans think reminds them of his first music video, which was for the song “Where Are U Now.” But that’s exactly what the video’s director Colin Tilley wanted it to be.

The emoji-laden video for “Anyone” follows the Rocky film franchise, with Bieber a professional boxer who shows off his ripped body while training and competing in the ring. But he’s not alone; actress Zoey Deutch takes on the role of his love interest.


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