Justin Bieber - Peaches Meaning

March 8, 2023

justin bieber  peaches meaning

"Peaches meaning" is one of the most popular songs off of Justin Bieber's latest album Justice. The song features Giveon and Daniel Caesar and is a romantic tune about a couple's love.

The Music Video

The video for “Peaches meaning” was directed by Colin Tilley and it’s a nice look at Bieber’s new album. It features the singer in a custom peach suit and he added a few accessories to finish his look.

Gold compliments a color like peach very well and Justin wore several different pieces of gold jewelry while in the video. He had a customized gold necklace from Drew House, he also wore a gold cross earrings for guys, created by Irene Neuwirth and he also wore a gold pinky ring.

Peach Suit and Sneakers

For his music video look, Bieber wore a fully peach suit that he bought from a local shop in Toronto. He paired it with white low-top Air Force One sneakers that were part of his usual style.

He wore a light tan bandana to make the look more hippie and vintage. He wore a cream-colored beanie hat as well to add another layer of warmth.

The song “Peaches meaning” is a romantic song that is definitely geared toward his wife Hailey Bieber. The song is about his love for her and it has been receiving a lot of attention since its release in March 2021.


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