Journey Songs That Mean Something to You

March 8, 2023

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When a loved one dies, you need to pick songs that mean something special. For example, a song like the classic Elton John hit Princess Diana would be perfect to play at a funeral. The lyrics of the song are a profound expression of love and healing, so it would be a fitting choice for a funeral.

Another song that would be a great selection for a funeral is the uplifting Deacon Blue debut track Dignity, which also features in their first live album. Its touching and poignant lyrics speak of a yearning for 'a better life' and are a tribute to those who dedicated their lives to helping others.

Often, Journey members reworked ideas in the studio until they were satisfied with the final result. For example, guitarist Gregg Rolie wrote a demo version of the song Velvet Curtain before it was recorded. The track stayed on the shelf until Rolie shaped it into a full song.

The band's most popular album, Escape, was released in 1981 and features four Billboard Top 40 hits, including the aforementioned "Don't Stop Believin'" (#9) and "Who's Crying Now" (#4). Its follow-up, Frontiers, reached #9 on the charts.

Singer/songwriter Steve Perry is still considered the voice of melodic rock. However, his career has been largely out of the spotlight for many years now. In 2005, he did some print-only interviews and produced a DVD of the 1981 Escape Tour. It's a wonderful look back at a remarkable period in the life of a man who was once a leading musical artist.


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