John Tobias Net Worth & Lifestyle

March 13, 2023

John Tobias Net Worth & Lifestyle

As a professional basketball player, Tobias Harris earns a lot of money. He plays for the Philadelphia 76ers and is expected to be one of the best players in the NBA for years to come.

He has signed a 5 year / $180 million contract with the team. This includes a guaranteed sum of $180 million and an average salary of $36,633,050.

His earnings also come from endorsement deals with brands like Monster, Vashr, Beats by Dre, Asphalt Yacht Club and Gatorade.

Tobias also makes an effort to donate a meaningful amount of his income each year. For example, he and YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober lauched the initiative "Team Trees" to plant trees throughout the world. In 2021, the initiative raised over $20 million for this project.

Another charitable endeavor that Tobias has been involved in is the fight against ocean pollution. He has donated over $1 million to help preserve the planet.

Besides his philanthropic work, Tobias Lutke also enjoys a life that revolves around his family and friends. His wife Fiona, sons, and daughters, and their children all make a significant contribution to his life's story.

In addition, his philanthropic efforts have helped support many local children's hospitals and organizations that provide services to children. He is also a strong proponent of diversity in sports analytics, and has played an important role in helping the industry recognize its lack of diversity.


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