Joe Millionaire Contestant Amanda Pace Net Worth Revealed

May 19, 2023

While watching the new season of Joe Millionaire which started on January 6th, fans were shocked to find out that one of the contestants has a lot more money than she lets on. Amanda Pace’s grandfather left her a substantial amount of cash and her family doesn’t flaunt it much.

Amanda is a fashion designer and owns her own swimwear brand named Almost Naked Swimwear. She has many followers on her Instagram and she often posts videos of herself traveling around the world. She has been working on acting and writing projects as well.

She is known for her work on various television shows, films, and commercials as well. She also earns a good amount of money from endorsements and other business ventures. As of now, it is not known how much her total assets are but they are surely in the millions.

During episode 7 of the show, she had some major revelations to share with Kurt Sowers. She revealed that she is a millionaire and wanted him to know it before they started dating. She added that she doesn’t want him to focus on her wealth but wants him to get to know her for who she is.

Her mother then asked the guys how they would feel if she had $10 million to her name. They were pretty surprised and it seemed like they had never considered her wealth before. This was a great way to shock them and make them take notice of her.


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