Jessica Day Quotes

March 4, 2023

jessica day quotes

New Girl quotes

The show New Girl is a refreshing take on the awkward adventures of young adults as they navigate their way through relationships, careers, and themselves. It follows the quirky and naive teacher Jess Day as she moves into an apartment loft with a group of twenty-something men after her long-term boyfriend Spencer gets cheated on.

We can’t help but laugh at the mishaps these characters get themselves into. Whether it’s underachiever Nick, fastidious Schmidt, charming Cece, sporty Coach, or weird Winston, there’s something about this show that just makes us smile every time we watch it.

Jessica, the main character of New Girl is a bubbly and naive teacher who moves into an apartment loft with her three roommates after her long-term boyfriend Spencer got cheated on. She is portrayed by Zooey Deschanel.

She is a devoted friend to Cece, her childhood best friend and a successful model. But their relationship isn’t always easy to watch as Jess is often critical of Cece and her career choices.

In one episode, Jess derides modeling as a career and deems it to be “dumb.” She even suggests that Cece’s modeling agency cancel her car show job.

The quote is funny, but it also points to the fact that Jess has a lot of self-doubt. She has a hard time taking on the responsibility of being her own best friend, which can be frustrating for her.

But she also knows it’s important to take care of herself, so she makes it a point to go to the gym or just stay home and cry when things aren’t going her way. That’s the kind of self-care that we should all strive for.


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