Jealous Lyrics - Eyedress Meaning

July 31, 2023

Jealous is a sonic snapshot of a heartbroken man watching his ex-lover take her love to someone else. With a propulsive Joy Division-esque fire cracker as the backdrop, it’s a fluttering song about the inability to hold onto something that once seemed so precious to him. It’s a track that echoes with the same raw pain Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ had when it first landed on the charts in 2021.

Behind the alias Eyedress is Idris Vicuna, a Los Angeles-via-Manila creative firebrand. He’s been a musician in some capacity for a decade, and the last year has seen him amass a dizzying amount of success. His 2020 album 'Let’s Skip To The Wedding' included viral hit ‘Jealous’ and breezy sun-dappled love song 'Romantic Lover', both of which were featured in over one million TikTok videos.

It’s a remarkable rise, and not just because the artist is an accomplished producer. He’s also an acclaimed musician and singer, with credits including a role in a Filipino horror movie.

But, despite the success, the songs don’t come easily. In fact, Vicuna says that writing them requires a lot of emotional elbow grease. This is a man who’s experienced a lot, from a tumultuous childhood in Manila to the breakup that was “like a punch in the gut”. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t able to share his struggles with honesty and grace. It’s what makes him such an compelling and relatable performer.


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