Janice Lashley - Where is She Now?

September 7, 2023

The girl in the box, Janice Lashley, has changed her name, remarried and become a registered associate social worker. She lives in PARADISE, California and works as a mental health professional.

In 1973, Janice met Cameron Hooker in a bar and they married two years later. He was a lumber mill worker and had an interest in bondage, violence and torture. He whipped Janice and took her to the woods on several occasions where she was hung from a tree by leather wrist straps. He would rape her with implements and oral sex. She refused to have vaginal sex with him because of an agreement she had made with her husband.

During the cold case investigation, investigators interviewed Janice again and asked for her help in finding Marliz’s burial site. Detective Shamblin realized that her knowledge of the area could be useful. He agreed to give her immunity if she helped them.

She described the area around the park to investigators and provided detailed information about her relationship with Marliz and Cameron. Her descriptions were better than the previous one she had given to the police. The investigators were happy with her interview but they weren’t able to locate the grave. They were still unable to charge Cameron in Marliz’s death. However, they did get him charged in Colleen’s kidnapping so that he went to prison. They felt that was the best they could do at that time. They didn’t want to risk losing the homicide case at trial and go back to square one with their prosecution of Cameron.


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