Jani Schofield Where is She Now?

September 7, 2023

jani schofield where is she now

Jani Schofield is a girl who lives with schizophrenia. Her unique case has grabbed the attention of millions of people all around the world. She is an inspiration for the people suffering from this mental illness. Her parents are unwavering in their support for her and make sure that she is given the best treatment and care.

When Jani was just two years old, her parents noticed that she was different from other children her age. She stared at them without blinking for hours, and she would scream and throw tantrums frequently. Her parents were confused about her behavior, and they decided to take her to a psychiatrist.

At that time, the doctors diagnosed her with a mental health disorder called childhood schizophrenia. This disorder is characterized by hallucinations and psychotic episodes. The psychiatrist prescribed her clozapine, lithium, and Thorazine to control her symptoms. After some time, her family saw that her hallucinations were decreasing in intensity and frequency.

Michael and Susan Schofield had another child, whom they named Bodhi after the tree that shaded Buddha when he reached enlightenment. When Bodhi was born, the parents were worried that her presence would trigger Jani's psychotic episodes again. They decided to move their family of four into separate apartments so that Jani wouldn't harm her brother.

Over the years, the couple has made several videos about their daughter and her condition. They have recorded their daily routine, tantrums, toilet breaks, and other intimate moments with Jani. Their YouTube channel, titled Daily Bumps, has over 4.5 million subscribers and brings in a six-figure income for the family.


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