Jani Schofield Where Is She Now?

September 24, 2023

Jani Schofield Where Is She Now?

At present, Jani Schofield is an 18-year-old young lady who is still struggling with schizophrenia. She lives with her mother and family. Despite her condition, she has made it through several obstacles with the help of her mom and dad.

She is also an advocate for mental health and shares her story with others to help them with their struggle. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of six and her experience with this disorder has touched many people. She has inspired others and continues to show resilience and determination.

Her parents first noticed peculiar behavior in her when she was a toddler and they were later told that she had childhood-onset schizophrenia. Her condition worsened over time and she started having hallucinations and erratic behavior. Her parents made the decision to share their story with the world and a documentary was produced by Discovery Fit called Born Schizophrenic.

The episode made a huge impact and the family gained massive popularity. They appeared on other shows like Oprah and Dr. Phil and Michael even published a book about his daughter. The family also had another child named Bodhi who was battling autism.

The family was put on the spotlight and their home life became very difficult. After a while, Jani began to attack her brother and they had to divide into separate apartments. Jani was taking medication which included clozapine, lithium, and Thorazine. She had weekly medical visits to monitor her connection to reality and to see how her medications were working.


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