James Smith Jr - Logger - Where is He Now?

April 25, 2024

Web back in 2009, the father-son team of Jimmy Smith and James Smith were featured on an episode of the History Channel show Ax Men. However, this didn’t end well for the pair as they got in hot water with the Department of Natural Resources for illegally salvaging sunken logs from public waters. This can cause major damage to a river’s ecosystem.

According to reports, the logging company they owned, S&S Aqua Logging, was pulling the logs from the Hoquiam River. This was against the law and if S&S Aqua Logging continued to do this they would be in serious trouble with the DNR.

The reason why S&S Aqua Logging was able to do this is because they have their own private land. However, the DNR said that if they do see them in the future, they will confiscate any wood that they recover.

Despite all of this, the show continues to air and the cast hasn’t let the negativity affect them. In fact, Ax Men OG Jay Browning even went on the record to defend the show against some of the poor reviews.

Dr James Smith Jr is a lightning rod in the professional and personal development spaces – creating performance breakthroughs for organizations, teams and individuals looking to overcome self-created or organizational barriers that keep them from jumping into their BIGNESS. His passion, creativity, storytelling and unshakeable positivity are fueling his quest to help others remove obstacles that block them from being and doing their best. He is a National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and has taken his message to over 25 countries.


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