It Ain't Me Meaning by Selena Gomez

March 8, 2023

selena gomez it aint me meaning

In her first new music announcement since returning to Instagram in November, Selena Gomez has co-written a song called it ain't me meaning with Norwegian DJ Kygo. The lyrics, which sound like they were penned to reference her relationship and eventual break-up with Justin Bieber, have fans excited for the singer's return.

The track is a moody break-up anthem that advocates walking away when things get sour. But it's the music video that has everyone talking, highlighting how heartbreaking love can be.

A man gets into a motorcycle accident in the video and his girlfriend dutifully stays by his side. But he goes on a journey in his unconscious state and eventually walks towards a blinding light. Watchers are left wondering if he will die, but the power of music brings him back to life at the end.

Despite this, the song still sounds like a heartfelt break-up anthem. It's a great way to let yourself feel the pain of a breakup, but also to remind yourself that you are in control.

The lyrics of the song narrate a relationship that was ruined by alcoholism, but also reminisces about past relationships and summer nights. In fact, the song was inspired by Selena's own experiences in a long-term relationship with Bieber.

It might seem odd to use her own past relationship as a jumping off point for a song about getting over a lover, but it's a valid way to look at the world and your past. It can be easy to forget about what's important if you're too focused on the next person.


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