Is Max Laughlin Still Missing?

September 7, 2023

At one point, Max Laughlin was considered to be among the most intelligent children on the planet. He claimed to have built a free energy device at the age of 13 and rose to fame all over the world for his revolutionary ideas on subjects like the origin of the Universe and alternative realities. However, he mysteriously went missing in 2018 and this has raised many doubts about the authenticity of his great ideas.

Is Max Laughlin Still Missing?

This is the question that has been on everyone’s mind ever since Max Laughlin disappeared from the public eye. He had gained tremendous fame for his unique ideas and he was even invited to speak at events on matters relating to the environment and alternative realities. However, the fact that he is no longer present on social media has led many to believe that his great ideas may be nothing but lies.

The truth is that it is impossible to confirm whether he has indeed disappeared or not. All we can do is hope that he is safe and sound and that he will come back to the limelight once again. In the meantime, we can all continue to enjoy his witty videos on social media sites like TikTok.


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