Is It Any Wonder by Durand Jones & the Indications?

March 8, 2023

is it any wonder durand jones lyrics meaning


The self-titled debut from bayou-born deep soul outfit Durand Jones & the Indications is an undeniable, gutsy and deeply soulful effort. Out July 1st on Colemine Records, the eight tracks on this eponymous album feature horns, drums and a big groove.

Lyrics mean business:

"Is it any wonder" is a slow, organ-filled break-up song that could've easily been a B-side of the late '60s (and it has the perfect beat and rhythm to back up Jones' incredibly high-pitched falsetto vocal). And then there's the eerie-yet-sweet "Love Will Work It Out", with Jones and the Indications calling for hope while mourning the loss of the pandemic and all that came with it.

It's an anthem for the love of humanity, a call to action for all of us to embrace love in all its forms and be willing to give it away. It's a message that is both hopeful and empowering, and it's one that this band has mastered with the perfect combination of gritty sensibility and impassioned vocals.

The Indications sound their part with big, thick grooves on songs like “Smile” combining old time soul and reggae moves while “Groovy Babe” takes you on a Stax fueled trip to Memphis and back with a huge bass line that has you shaking your tail feather. It's a good track, backed by a solid drumming performance from Aaron Frazer and a great guitar sound from Blake Rhein.

The Indications have found their niche with a group of dedicated lowrider soul fans and have been embraced by their community. They've been a staple on Colemine Records, an Ohio-based label that has served up sultry sides of funk, soul and latin grooves for almost a decade. Their pristine taste and inexorable DIY approach have made them a favorite for fans of the genre worldwide.


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