iamhill - Nobody Wants to Be My Friend

June 28, 2021


This is my review of the song Nobody Wants to Be My Friend by iamhill. Read more about the song below.

iamhill is a new artist based out of Los Angeles. The genres they touch upon include experimental, alternative, electronic, and pop.

The song starts out with a piano playing in a creepy way that instantly makes me fall in love. The bass and beat roll in next and the songs really starts. The singer appears to be talking about checking our different places around California throughout the song. There are parts where the beat is just the piano and bass, and others where what sounds like binaural beats come in. I love these parts where it breaks away and makes you feel like you are in a dirty basement listening to some great sounds.

The song was produced by what looks to be iamhill or a friend. I think the production is pretty fabulous considering this is an up and coming artist.

Thank you for reading about iamhill - Nobody Wants to Be My Friend. Furthermore, watch the music video on YouTube below. What do you think of this song? Finally, please leave your own thoughts and comments below. Lastly, read more reviews like this one on my front page.


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