I Humblely Love You Lyrics

November 14, 2023

The i honestly love you lyrics depict a person who has fallen in love with someone but realizes they cannot have them. The narrator is attached to another partner, making it impossible to express their feelings without risking their relationship with that person. The narrator knows that their heart needs to be heard, and they hope to find a way to make this happen.

The song’s first verse shows the singer hesitating to confess their feelings, unsure of how the other person will react. They know they should follow their head, but their heart tells them to speak up. They fear they may make their partner uncomfortable, but they are unable to resist the urge to let their love be known. The narrator hopes that they can find a way to be with their love, but they are also willing to accept that they might never see them again.

Peter Allen and Jeff Barry wrote this song, which was recorded by Olivia Newton-John in 1974. The song was a major success, and it helped launch her career as a successful international recording artist. Although the song sounds like it is about the end of a romantic relationship, it was actually written about the end of a professional partnership. Dolly Parton’s version of the song was later re-released after Whitney Houston recorded it for her movie The Bodyguardin 1992, and the song is now one of the most popular songs in history.


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