I Bet You Think About Me - Is Taylor Swift Meaning This?

March 7, 2023

i bet you think about me taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift has made it clear that she loves to write songs about her ex-lovers, and i bet you think about me is no exception. Directed by her close friend Blake Lively, the singer's latest music video reimagines her ex-husband Jake Gyllenhaal's wedding day in a fun, wacky way.

The song, which features Swift's boyfriend Chris Stapleton, also has a number of easter eggs pointing to 1989. The first is the fact that both cakes in the video are red velvet, which matches her 1989 album cover. Another is the middle finger that Swift throws up, which also seems to be a nod toward Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, the people who bought her master recordings for her first six albums.

Whether or not Swift is actually writing the song about Gyllenhaal, this song is definitely going to get plenty of airplay and streams. In fact, i bet you think about me is probably the most popular song off her new Red (Taylor's Version) album so far.

It is a bittersweet song about one of the best relationships in her life. It’s a reminder that the most important thing in life isn’t what someone else does or says, but how they treat you.

It’s also a great reminder that sometimes the best way to get over your ex is to find someone better. As Taylor explains in the fourth verse, her ex-lover had all the perks of a celebrity lifestyle, but he left her feeling empty and broken after their short-lived relationship.


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