How to See Loved Songs on Apple Music Easily

July 9, 2024

Apple Music allows users to mark tracks as Loved by tapping the ♡ button, which helps fine-tune the app's recommendations. However, unless these loved tracks are in the user's iTunes library or on their iOS device, they cannot be easily found for listening again. This has been a significant limitation for users looking to streamline their listening experience. Indeed, many are searching for ways on how to see loved songs on Apple Music efficiently, given its current functionalities.

how to see loved songs on apple music

Challenges in Finding Loved Songs

Apple Music focuses heavily on discovering new music, but there is also a growing need to facilitate the listening experience of previously loved songs. Currently, the only way to access loved tracks is by adding them to the user's My Music library, either while listening to them or later on. A more automatic process would greatly enhance user experience.

User Workarounds

Users who have been enjoying Apple Music for several months often find themselves comparing the service to Spotify, especially when it comes to managing loved songs. A common workaround is creating Smart Playlists to keep track of loved songs. However, this process can be cumbersome and far from seamless. Users frequently express their desire for a more straightforward method on how to see loved songs on Apple Music, without having to jump through hoops.

For those using Apple Music on Mac, accessing loved songs is a bit more manageable. To see loved songs, users can open the Apple Music app, click on the Songs tab, and sort by the Love column denoted with a heart icon. From there, loved songs can easily be added to a playlist by selecting the songs, right-clicking, and selecting the option to add to a playlist.

Smart Playlists and iCloud Sync

Alternatively, users can create a Smart Playlist to automate the process of gathering loved songs. This method involves setting specific filters and criteria within the Smart Playlist settings. Once created, these playlists can be synced via iCloud for access on an iPhone or iPad. To ensure proper synchronization, users should make sure loved songs are added to their Apple Music Library. This requires enabling the automatic addition of songs to the Library by navigating to Settings > Music > Enable Add Playlist Songs.

Suggestions for Apple Music Improvements

Many users feel that the current system does not adequately address their needs. Suggestions for improving Apple Music include developing a dedicated section for loved songs, much like Spotify's "Liked Songs" playlist. This would not only streamline the process of accessing these tracks but also enrich the user experience by making it easier to revisit loved songs. Thank you for reading. Discover more engaging articles like this on our homepage, and be sure to follow us on our social media platforms for updates and more content.

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