How to Find Friends on Apple Music and Share Playlists

July 9, 2024

Many users have expressed difficulty in understanding how to find friends on Apple Music, particularly when it comes to sharing playlists and following their friends. Despite consulting the Apple Support site for guidance, users often struggle to locate the "Find friends" feature on both their iPhone and PC. This issue persists even when they have the latest software installed, indicating that the problem might be related to something other than outdated software.

How to Find Friends on Apple Music

To start following a friend on Apple Music, you need to ensure that both you and your friend have set up Apple Music profiles. Here are the steps to find friends using the Apple Music app on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Apple Music app and tap on the 'Search' section.
  2. Input the nickname, user profile name, or email address of the friend you want to follow, and press search.
  3. Select the profiles from the search results to find your friend.

Once you have located your friend's profile, you may need to send a request for them to approve. This step is crucial as your friend must approve your follow request for you to view their listening activity and shared playlists.

The Importance of Approval

Your friend needs to approve your follow request on Apple Music, which they can do through the app by navigating to their notifications. Approval is important because it allows you to see their music activity, including playlists they create and share. You can also choose not to share certain playlists by editing your profile settings to turn playlist sharing on or off.

Sharing Playlists and Inviting Friends

By default, followers can see the playlists you create on your profile. However, you can customize this setting by going to your profile, tapping "Edit," and then turning playlists on or off. To share a playlist with someone who does not follow you, simply touch and hold the playlist, then tap "Share Playlist." Additionally, you can invite friends to join Apple Music and share playlists via email or text message.

For users still facing difficulties, it may be helpful to revisit the Apple Support site and ensure all steps have been correctly followed. Persistence and patience are key, as well as reaching out for support when necessary.

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