How to Add Music in Premiere Pro: A Complete Guide

July 9, 2024

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful tool for video editing, and one of its essential features is the ability to add background music to your video projects. Whether you're creating content for social media, a vlog, or a professional project, knowing how to add music in Premiere Pro can elevate the quality of your videos.

Importing Music

The first step on how to add music in Premiere Pro is to import your music file. Open the project panel in Adobe Premiere Pro, double click to open the import pop-up, find the music file you want to use, and drag it onto a track below the video clip on the timeline.

Editing the Music Clip

Once the music file is on the timeline, you can edit it to fit the length of your video. Use the razor tool to cut off the end of the audio clip so that the music ends when the video does. Additionally, you can make editing easier by clicking the wrench icon to expand all tracks.

Fading the Music

For a smooth audio transition, go to the effects panel, open the audio transition section, and drag the exponential fade to the beginning and end of the audio clip. This will fade the music in and out, enhancing the overall feel of your video.

Adjusting the Music Volume

To ensure that the background music doesn't overpower your video's dialogue, you can adjust the volume. Drag the line in the middle of the audio track up or down to change the volume. Alternatively, you can go to effect controls under volume and drag the levels value to adjust the volume to your preference.

Tips for Enhancing Your Music

Using royalty-free music is crucial to avoid legal issues. Services like Epidemic Sound offer high-quality royalty-free music and sound effects for a monthly fee. Another tip is to use the remix tool in Premiere Pro to adjust the length of your music track to match the duration of your video. You can also add a low pass filter effect to create a muffled sound and reduce distracting high-pitched noises in your background music.

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