How the best digital marketing agencies build and maintain strong client relationships?

July 7, 2023


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The relationship between a marketing firm and its client is one of the most critical variables in deciding how successful that business will be. Understanding, Mutual respect, and open communication amongst all parties describe the best digital marketing agency and client relationships.

Collaboration with the best digital marketing company brooklyn is one of the most significant expenditures many companies undertake nowadays. An agency aims to know who you are as a customer and translate that message so your brand connects with target purchasers. However, while 90% of agencies claim to genuinely understand their customers' businesses, only 65% of clients concur.

In this article, we'll explore ways to develop excellent customer connections. At the end of this course, you'll be an expert in client relations.

What is the Client-Agency Relationship in Marketing?

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The client-agency relationship is a business partnership between a corporation or brand and a marketing company hired to plan and implement marketing strategies and campaigns.

The connection is built on a collaborative basis, with both sides working together to achieve the client's goals and objectives, which include, but are not limited to:

  • increasing brand visibility and internet presence
  • Increasing revenue
  • and expanding into new areas by boosting customer interaction
  • Generating leads.

What happens if you don't build your client relationships?

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To begin, it's critical to understand why spending time and attention on developing customer connections is crucial to your company's long-term success.

Strong customer connections lead to tremendous results. It doesn't take a genius to know that maintaining clients will increase income for the best digital marketing services.

Your consumer may only abandon you if you can provide excellent client service. They'll soon be aware of your rivals who can give superior methods. A high turnover rate will significantly diminish your income. According to Harvard Business School, boosting customer retention by 5% can result in a 25-95% increase in corporate earnings.

Besides income loss, losing an unhappy client has a huge knock-on impact.

Customers who had a terrible experience may report you in the most public realm available today: social media. According to one survey, 26% of customers with a bad experience wrote a negative comment on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Here are the following ways how the best digital marketing agencies build and maintain strong client relationships:

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Offer Authenticity & Transparency

Discerning all information about customer service and marketing campaigns is critical when establishing a solid agency-client connection. This contains information such as the timeframe for future initiatives, facts about current campaigns, and other sensitive information content.

The best digital marketing agency will educate you on every aspect of their approach, provide honest recommendations, and confess when the issue has drifted outside their competence.

Know your customer and respect their time.

The step in creating a successful client connection is to get to know your customer inside and out. You must research your customer and understand their operations so that you can always approach them from a position of expertise.

Whether it's a small or huge organization, you'll have to earn your spot as an expert. This necessitates delving deep throughout the onboarding process to understand as much as possible about your customer, their company strategy, and their immediate and long-term goals.

It's also important to remember that your client's time is valuable, and squandering it might lead to a collapse in your relationship.

Some clients may prefer Slack, while others prefer phone calls. Changing your procedures may be inconvenient at first, and in the future, with their desire, on the other hand, will immediately enhance your bond.

 Exceed expectations

When a company fails to fulfill expectations, 91% of clients will not do business with them again. Overpromising is one of the worst business blunders you can make, and it's a horrible scenario to find yourself in a situation where you can't keep your commitment.

Instead, when setting expectations, you should underpromise and overdeliver. Give realistic timescales and wow your customer by exceeding their expectations for service, timing, and delivery.

Deeds speak louder than words. Completing things will demonstrate to a potential customer that you keep your promises and are committed to the project. It may be tempting to offer high promises and aggressive assurances to attract potential clients.

Understand their brand, their industry, and their product.

While generating new content, an agency might draw inspiration from a product. For the customer, the content created for the brand and the product(s) must perform on the market. Companies must reach out to clients and differentiate themselves from their competitors. The product must be mentioned in the message and convince potential consumers that it will suit their needs and desires. Understanding the product and what it symbolizes is essential for engaging with the client. For example, if your customer offers hiking equipment, try to know the item inside and out.

Establish open and honest client relationships.

Excellent client connections aren't merely founded on providing exceptional outcomes; trust has traditionally been the glue that holds partnerships together. Being forthright and honest with your clients can boost their happiness and loyalty.

A three-month case study with 632 participants discovered that 75% of people are continuously honest. If a customer believes you are part of the inverse 25%, it isn't very likely they will stay with your best digital marketing agency for long.

To gain your client's trust, you must be open and honest about everything, even prospective project delays or disappointing results. It takes courage not to sugarcoat terrible news, but you will be rewarded with more credibility and respect. Accepting responsibility and being transparent demonstrate to clients that your company is trustworthy.

If you confidently express your educated thoughts, your customer will come to you for essential guidance in the future. When you gain a client's reputation and trust, they will contact you with additional projects and other possibilities.


The most excellent method for a marketing firm to develop is to strengthen connections with current customers by communicating effectively, setting reasonable expectations, and more.

Follow the method above to establish a positive relationship with your clients and assist them in reaching their business objectives through your services.

It is important to remember that developing strong client connections takes time and is an ongoing effort. Hence, patience is an essential factor.


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