How Tall is Yoda?

June 18, 2023

Yoda is a small green alien Jedi master who exudes wisdom and sagelike qualities. Despite his diminutive stature, Yoda is incredibly powerful in the Force and capable of performing amazing feats with his lightsaber. He proves that size doesn’t matter, as he effortlessly outduels larger opponents like Count Dooku and lifts a Star Wars X-Wing fighter from a swamp on his home planet of Dagobah.

Although the exact height of Yoda is never explicitly mentioned in the Star Wars films or books, context clues and estimates suggest that he is around 2'2" tall. However, George Lucas purposefully kept the background of Yoda’s species a mystery to maintain a mysterious setting and keep fans guessing.

The character Grogu, who is often referred to as “Baby Yoda,” is a member of the same species as Yoda and shares many identifying features. For example, he is also green and has pointy ears. He is just a baby in terms of his species, and he can live for several hundred years. Similarly, a female of the same species named Yaddle is shown on the Jedi Council. She is just over a foot tall, which means she is half the height of Yoda.

This Lego version of Yoda is a great way to show off the beloved character at a scale that is accurate to his appearance in the movies and television shows. He can be displayed alone or alongside other Lego Star Wars sets, such as the brand new Luke Skywalker (Red Five) helmet.


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