How Many Grammys Does Patti LaBelle Have in Total?

June 18, 2023

As one of the most legendary female vocalists in music history, it's no surprise that Patti LaBelle has been awarded a number of accolades throughout her career. The Philadelphia native has earned a slew of awards including two Grammys, several NAACP Image Awards and an honorary star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

In addition to her numerous accomplishments as a recording artist, Patti is also an active humanitarian who supports a variety of charitable causes. She's also been an advocate for many different social issues such as racial justice, women's rights and LGBTQ equality!

Known by her stage name Patti LaBelle, the 'Godmother of Soul' has been able to reach across generations with her empowering songs. From the '80s hit 'If Only You Knew' to her timeless ballad 'Stir It Up,' she's left an imprint on pop culture that will last for years to come!

Over the course of her illustrious career, Patti has released an impressive catalogue of chart-topping hits. Whether it's her work with her band The Bluebelles or her solo efforts like 'New Attitude' and 'Oh People', each album showcased a different side to her artistry while staying true to her signature sound.

Even in her later years, Patti LaBelle continues to release new music that appeals to modern audiences. Her 2020 album 'Bel Hommage' is just one example of how she's able to stay relevant in today's music scene by collaborating with contemporary artists and producing songs that speak to current trends.


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