Honest Justin Bieber Lyrics Meaning

March 7, 2023

honest justin bieber lyrics meaning

Honest Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics to Justin Bieber's song "Honest" with Don Toliver tell the story of two young people who want to be true to their loved ones. It's a message that should be inspiring to anyone who wants to stay true to the one they love, even though it can be challenging to do so sometimes.

Justin Bieber Releases New Music In 2022

The star is still churning out hits, and he just dropped a brand new single with Don Toliver called “Honest.” It comes with a video that is the perfect match for the tune. Directed by Cole Bennett, the wintry-themed video takes viewers on snowmobile rides through mountains as Bieber and Toliver enjoy time with their loved ones.

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber Have a Yummy Relationship

As fans of the singer know, Bieber has been dating his model wife, Hailey Bieber (nee Baldwin), since last year. The couple has been spotted together a lot lately, and it's safe to say they are in love.

Changes Is Justin Bieber's Latest Album

It's been a few years since Justin released his previous record, Purpose, and now he's back with a new album, Changes. It's a more intimate look at Bieber's personal life, including his struggle with illness and depression.

The album's premiere track, "Yummy," has already become a fan-favorite. And with its gorgeous lyrics, it's no surprise. It's a lovely tribute to Bieber's wife, with the "yummy yum" being a nod to her kindness and affection for him.


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