Hold On Lyrics by Justin Bieber

March 7, 2023

hold on lyrics justin bieber meaning

Hold On Lyrics

Justin Bieber's new song 'Hold On' might be the best of his recent releases. It's a feel good tune that has fans talking about it on Twitter and asking their favorite radio stations to play it.

The lyrics are pretty simple, but they have a lot of meaning behind them. The singer is telling someone who's having a hard time to "hold on" because he knows that times can be tough and that the best way to get through it is to stay positive.

It's also a surprisingly inspirational track. It's a lot different from the pop songs Bieber has been dropping in the past, such as 'Baby' and 'One Time'.

Usually, Bieber's lyrics are cryptic and opt for metaphors and beat drops instead of saying what he really means. However, on 'Hold On', the singer is finally saying what he wants to say.

He's referring to the 'Treat People With Kindness' slogan that Harry Styles has made famous and which he often wears in his music videos. He's even used it to support a cause called 'GLSEN', a group of K-12 schools promoting LGBT rights.

In the music video, Bieber is seen sporting a jacket with a patch with the slogan "Treat People With Kindness." It's the perfect visual for the song's message, which is a reminder that even in the worst of times, we can all find something to smile about. It's a powerful song that speaks to all types of listeners, whether they're suffering from an illness or battling a breakup.


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