Hoda Kotb Reveals What Happened to Her Daughter Hope

November 10, 2023

After Hoda Kotb stepped away from Today for two weeks, fans were left wondering what happened to her 3-year-old daughter Hope. The TV personality shared a sweet update about her little girl in her new children's book, and it seems like Hope is doing much better now than she was during that scary stretch of time in February.

During the show, Kotb revealed that her daughter was hospitalized due to a health issue. She didn't go into specifics, but she said that Hope was "OK" now and she's on the road to recovery. Kotb also praised her doctors for taking such good care of her daughter.

The 58-year-old television host has been a mother to her two daughters for a few years now, and she's no stranger to life's ups and downs. She's survived multiple cancer battles, a divorce, and now it looks as though she's passed her resilience down to her girls.

She recently opened up about her daughter's health scare when she joined Southern Living Magazine editor-in-chief Sid Evans on the podcast, Biscuits & Jam. During the episode, she talked about the importance of having strong women in your life and how her daughter, Hope, inherited it from her.

The TV host has two daughters, including 6-year-old Haley Joy, with ex-fiance Joel Schiffman. She and Schiffman have since separated, but they co-parent their girls together. The pair met in 2013 and eventually got engaged. They ended their relationship in 2022 and now live separately.


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