High Infidelity Meaning

August 25, 2023

The lyrics to Taylor Swift’s song High Infidelity seem to be referring to an abusive relationship. The narrator feels as though their lover is “keeping track of all the wrongs they committed.” The narrator also claims that she was deceived and thinks her partner’s behavior is “the slowest way to kill love.” However, what does this really mean?

Infidelity can refer to a wide range of secret romantic or sexual behaviors. It is a violation of the exclusivity that romantic relationships are meant to have by definition. It can be broken down into several subtypes, including sexual, emotional and combined (sexual and emotional) infidelity. Personality characteristics such as extraversion, high neuroticism and low conscientiousness have been associated with a higher risk of infidelity [1]. A history of abuse and an insecure attachment orientation may also contribute to a person’s risk of engaging in infidelity. [2]

Some research suggests that people’s responses to infidelity are influenced by both their level of commitment and the type of infidelity. For example, research has found that people feel more distress in response to emotional infidelity than sexual infidelity. Additionally, it was found that people’s emotional reactions to infidelity are influenced by their gender. Men are more likely to experience anger and distress in response to emotional infidelity than women, while females are more likely to express sadness or guilt in reaction to sexual infidelity.

While the exact meaning of High Infidelity is unclear, some people have speculated that it could be about her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. They believe that the singer met her alleged new beau at Gigi Hadid’s 21st birthday party back in 2016. It is also possible that they first met at the Met Gala.


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