Here's Where The Story Ends Lyric Meaning - The Sundays

March 8, 2023

heres where the story ends lyrics meaning

The Sundays have enjoyed numerous hits on the alternative rock charts and were one of England's most beloved groups. Harriet Wheeler's high-pitched voice and wide-eyed wonder are the main draws of this group that straddled the jangle pop and dream pop styles.

Here's Where The Story Ends Lyric Meaning

The Sundays are best known for their 1989 single "Here's Where the Story Ends", a hit that was only released in the United States, where it charted at number three on the Modern Rock Tracks charts. It was also the most popular song on their debut album Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

It's a fun song, but what makes it memorable is the lyrics. While a lot of songs feature witty lyrics, Here's Where the Story Ends manages to tell a more meaningful tale.

here's where the story ends is a great song because it's an ode to the power of friendship, insecurity and forgiveness. It also shows that despite the pain of losing someone, there is always another chance to start over and make new memories.

Besides, there is no better way to show you're a better person than by telling your friends the truth about what happened to them. After all, it's a small price to pay for their kindness and loyalty.

Here's where the story ends is a good song because it's an ode that's fun to listen to. It's also a good way to remember that you can do anything you set your mind to.


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