Hell's Kitchen Contestant Chris Motto Finds Success After Season 8

January 22, 2024

After the end of a riveting and dramatic season of Hell’s Kitchen, the chefs are now preparing to enter the real world with newfound skills. While many of the contestants have found success, others struggle to find a foothold in their field. However, there are some that have taken the challenge in stride and are now flourishing both professionally and personally. One of these chefs is Chef Chris Motto who has been able to use his experience on the show to create a successful career for himself.

This season of Hell’s Kitchen was unique in that it pitted rookie contestants against veteran cooks. It also marked the first time that Chef Ramsay would use two teams to compete against each other. While the two teams worked together to battle it out, they were also mentored by Ramsay himself. Chef Motto was part of the Red Team and was paired with sous chefs Christina Wilson, James Jocky Petrie, and Marino Monferrato.

While Ariel Contreras-Fox won the season, he passed up the opportunity to become an executive chef at Ramsay’s restaurant and opted instead for Dos Caminos in NYC. Chef Motto cited his decision as being true to himself and an important choice for him to make.

Runner-up Mia Castro is still living in her home town of Miami Beach and works as a private chef. She has a massive following on Instagram and is thriving both professionally and personally. She is very close to her family and has been doing very well on the show.


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