Heart Just Turned Purple Drizzy Meaning

March 7, 2023

heart just turned purple drake meaning

Heart Just Turned Purple Drizzy Meaning

The phrase "heart just turned purple" means that someone is in a good mood. In this case, it's Drake, who recently dropped a pair of brand-new singles and an ominous music video for "Two Birds One Stone."

While the rapper reclaims his status as the 6God on a series of clapping songs that are more antagonistic than usual, 21 Savage gets in on the action with three of them, including the title track. They're both in the midst of their own battles, and each of them has a different take on how to deal with them.

On "Two Birds One Stone," the Toronto MC starts by announcing that he's "selling out arenas" and "putting a show." He also claims that his money is so plentiful now that his mother has no longer worried about him growing up in a "house with no heat."

That might sound like a pretty standard rap song, but the lyrics are more than just self-deprecation. They reaffirm Drake's commitment to taking care of his family -- especially his son Adonis Graham, who will be starting school in September 2020.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta rapper, who has been battling a career-threatening illness this year, turns the tables on Drake with lines like “I'm a savage not a romantic / And I can prove it / I'm selling out stadiums and making money off Jordan shoes." The duo then go in for a lyrical tussle.


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