Heart It Races Lyrics - What Do These Lyrics Mean?

March 8, 2023

heart it races lyrics meaning

Getting butterflies in your stomach is one of the most common experiences when falling in love. However, there are also other emotions that accompany the feeling of being taken. Those emotions include anxiety, excitement, and fear of losing the person you're in love with. Heart it races lyrics are a perfect example of this phenomenon, as they describe a situation where the singer feels "taken" by a partner.

The song is from Australian indie pop band Architecture in Helsinki. The music video was shot in Mexico and features glow-in-the-dark puppets. It is a fantastic song with some really interesting lyrics.

What do these lyrics mean?

The first line of the song says "Gone to Churchill Downs." This refers to a famous racehorse track in Kentucky. The lyrics are about a woman who's in love with her lover, but she's scared that their relationship might come to an end. In addition, the song mentions "the knots in the laces" and "struggles." These are all common themes in relationships and can often make it difficult for the two parties to stay together. But it's also a reminder to have faith in your love and to remember that it is possible for two people to find happiness in the same relationship.


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