Harry Styles' 'Daylight' Lyrics Meaning Revealed

February 13, 2023

harry styles daylight lyrics meaning revealed

Harry Styles has shut down speculation that one of his latest songs - 'Daylight' - could be about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The former One Direction star appeared on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday and discussed a pair of tracks from his new album, 'Harry's House'. During the interview, he revealed that he wrote 'Daylight' during a late-night "stream of consciousness" moment in the recording studio.

'Daylight' is the fifth track on 'Harry's House' and it talks about a long-distance relationship. The song is accompanied by the visual of Harry sitting on a roof, looking at an airplane that is passing by him.

In 'Daylight,' Styles sings about how frustrated he is because the woman he is talking to doesn't respond in the way he thought she would. It's a song that's reminiscent of his song 'Little Freak' on 'Harry's House' because it talks about how Harry misses his partner so much when she is not around him.

It's a song that talks about how love can work miracles, but sometimes the lack of it can eat you up. It's also a song that is incredibly relatable, as it is a great representation of how a lot of people experience their own relationships.

Harry has a knack for writing very personal lyrics, and it's this ability that has made 'Harry's House' his most personal album yet. The album contains a mix of genres and styles, but it's also his most introspective to date.


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