Harry Styles - As It Was Meaning

August 25, 2023

After making fans go in circles with a turntable teaser, Harry Styles released his new music video for "As It Was." The song is the first track from his upcoming album Harry's House and is sure to delight his legion of die-hard fanatics. The music video features Styles cavorting to synth-twinged joy in a scarlet sequined jumpsuit, as well as some melancholy imagery. The lyrical content of the single is more pensive than most of his previous releases and hints at personal turmoil.

As It Was Meaning

Harry Styles is no stranger to cryptic lyrics but this track takes the cake when it comes to inscrutable symbolism. The singer contrasts upbeat '80s synths with a sorrowful voice and nostalgic lyrics on this song, which was written about childhood trauma. This isn't the first time that Styles has dealt with themes of loss, abandonment and longing but it is definitely the most introspective.

One of the most poignant images in this music video is the chase scene. Styles is seen running and walking at various points in the clip, but he can never seem to catch up to someone else. This can be interpreted as a metaphor for his relationship with Olivia Wilde, his career in the limelight or something completely different.

Popular music becomes really powerful when artists use their status to make social statements that can be acted upon by the masses. Harry Styles has a massive following and can use his platform to promote positive messages that impact people worldwide. Whether it's promoting mental health awareness through his song 'Treat People With Kindness' or showing support for the LGBTQA+ community by performing draped in pride flags on his hit track 'As It Was', the former One Direction star is certainly an active leader for his generation.


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