Happiness Taylor Swift Meaning

February 6, 2023

happiness taylor swift meaning

Happiness taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift has always been a strong advocate for true love. It is a part of her identity, and she often writes songs about the idea of rekindling feelings in a relationship after a breakup. Her latest album, evermore, takes a look at breakups through different characters.

On "Happiness," Taylor tells her ex that she has changed, and she is no longer bitter. She also admits that she feels a sense of hope when she thinks about moving on. She says that she doesn't want to let her old self take over, but that she knows that she has to be happy and move on.

The song was written a week before Evermore's release and was completed with Aaron Dessner of The National, who co-produced all but one track on the album. According to Rolling Stone, he told her he had been working on the instrumental for a while and loved it so much he asked her if she wanted to write to it.

It's a pretty eloquent and heartfelt song about learning to move on after a breakup, despite the pain. She also admits that she still feels a little lost without her ex in her life, but she has hope that she will find happiness again.

The lyrics are pretty simple, but they're so well-sung that they linger in your head for days to come. Save this song for rainy-day walks or late-night drives, because it's just so beautiful and comforting.


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