Happier Than Ever Billie Eilish Lyrics Meaning

March 7, 2023

happier than ever billie eilish lyrics meaning

Happier than ever billie eilish lyrics meaning

Lyrics to "Happier Than Ever"
As the title suggests, this song is about Eilish finding a new lease of life after leaving a toxic relationship. It's a heartbreaking track, but it also shows how a breakup can be an important moment in someone's life.

It outlines the emotional and mental heaviness of someone in a bad relationship, making it very relatable. It doesn't teach or show how to get out of the situation but it tells you the truth.

Despite her popularity, Eilish has revealed that she has suffered from depression and anxiety in the past. She says that her music is a way of channeling her feelings into songs.

She and her producer/brother Finneas have opted to create music that is outside of the standard verse-chorus structure of pop. They aim for more nuanced songs, which is reflected in the album’s lyrics and its title.

In this song, Eilish pines to be alone with a lover but worries that her boo might tell the world about their affair. She knows it's not a good thing, but she isn't sure how to leave him without hurting him.

It also explores how the media largely portrays love and relationships through a male perspective, which can be very hyper-sexual. It's an important reminder that Eilish needs to take control of her own feelings and stop letting other people define them for her.

The video for “Happier Than Ever” premiered on July 30th 2021 and features Eilish performing the song through a telephone call, climbing a rooftop and dancing in the rain. Her face flashes a smile during the song, suggesting that she is now able to heal from the pain of her previous relationship.


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