Hannah Aberegg - Watch Girls Incarcerated Seasons 1 And 2 ONNETFLIX NOW

March 12, 2024


Hannah Aberegg is probably one of the most memorable girls from season two of the hit reality show Girls Incarcerated. Her backstory was truly heartbreaking. Her mother walked out on her when she was a little girl, and then she started doing drugs at the age of 13. She got gang raped at 16, forcing her to run away from the group home and start working as a sex worker. Eventually, this led to her being arrested for things like criminal mischief and battery of a police officer — she was incarcerated seven times by the time she was 18.

However, Hannah managed to turn her life around after she was released from prison. She got a job in fast food and began training to be a nurse. She also started dating a man named Dominic Brown and appears to have a child now. She did accidentally overdose again after her release, but she took it as a sign to do better and has been clean ever since.

Zarriah Thomas, the youngest of the girls on Girls Incarcerated at just 14, was in jail for a fight that honestly went too far. She had always been a sweet person, but she struggled with anger issues because her mother left her when she was young. She moved in with her godmother after she left prison and started rebuilding her relationship with her mother, and she worked hard to graduate from high school and get into college at Ivy Tech Community College. She dreams of being a child advocate, and she hasn’t been involved in any legal matters since she left the center.


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