Halsey Castle Lyrics Meaning

March 4, 2023

halsey castle lyrics meaning

'Castle' Lyrics Meaning

Halsey is one of the most well-known voices in music today, and her debut album Badlands put her on a trajectory straight to household fame. Her debut LP has spawned several hit singles, including 'Castle', and she's also been nominated for three Grammy Awards, as well as three Billboard Music Awards.

The singer's unique voice and brooding synths harken back to rebellious styles like Nirvana, but her lyrics and melodies are equally as memorable. Her latest song 'Castle' is no exception.

What Is 'Castle' About?

Halsey Castle is a castle that is located in a wooded area. It is a historic landmark that is said to have been haunted by ghosts.

What Is 'Castle' From?

The song is a promotional single for the movie The Huntsman: Winter's War. The video features Halsey as a main character, who wears a gold gown and crown. She watches the film scenes that mirror the lyrics of her song, as she elegantly sings and dances.

What Does the Pre-Chorus Mean?

The pre-chorus is a quote from the Bible. The phrase is "Agnus Dei," which means “Lamb of God.” It’s a reference to Jesus, who was named Agnus Dei for his ability to save people from sin.

What Does 'Castle' Say About Herself?

The song 'Castle' from Halsey is about her own self-confidence. She knows that she is beautiful, but she also knows that it takes a lot of effort to maintain that image. She doesn’t want to be a princess who is always in the spotlight, but she does want to be happy and proud of herself.


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