Gwen Shamblin Net Worth

January 20, 2024

Gwen Shamblin Lara was a dietician and a best-selling author who created a Christian diet program. She was also the founder of Remnant Fellowship Church and appeared on various media and television shows like BBC, A Current Affair, The View, and CNN’s Larry King Live. Her books on healthy eating and dieting sold millions of copies, which boosted her wealth. In addition to this, she also donated to charity organizations and helped her community.

She had two children from her first marriage, Michael and Elizabeth Hannah. In 2018, she married Joe Lara and they lived together until her death in a plane crash incident in 2021. Her death was a tragedy as she was with her husband and five other members of the Remnant Fellowship Church.

The cause of her untimely death is still under investigation by the authorities. According to her will, she donated all the proceeds of her Weigh Down Workshop and intellectual properties to the Remnant Fellowship Church which was headed by her. Her estate was worth around $20 million.

The late author, who was an American citizen, earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee and a master’s degree from Memphis State University. She is also a certified dietician and worked for the state of Tennessee’s health department for around five years. Her wealth is primarily attributed to her books and the success of her Christian weight loss program. She also earned a lot from her appearances on various TV shows.


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