Grimes' New Song Has a Shinigami Eyes Meaning

August 26, 2023

Grimes recently dropped a song titled 'Shinigami Eyes,' which was reportedly inspired by the Japanese folklore and the 'Death Note' anime. The track features Jennie from Blackpink and Dorian Electra along with rapper Ryon Wu.

A shinigami is a god or supernatural spirit that invites people to the world of death. They can be likened to the Grim Reaper in that they take souls when it is their time. Shinigami can also read the names and lifespans of humans by looking into their eyes. However, it is said that the eyes can only work if the person's face is completely visible and that if they wear glasses or anything that covers their faces the name or lifespan will not show up.

In the manga and anime, a shinigami called Kyosuke Higuchi has the eyes that can see the names and lifespans of people around him. He initially resists obtaining them as he wants to enjoy a full life as Kira but circumstances force him into making the deal with Rem. Despite his use of the eyes, Higuchi ultimately dies during a raid on Mello's hideout after Sidoh unmasks him and writes his name down in the Death Note.

It is unclear whether or not Grimes had the shinigami eyes meaning in mind when she wrote the song, though she did make a reference to ushering death upon her haters. Fortunately for her followers, the song is just an appetizer as she's set to release her new EP 'Fairies Cum First' in February. The album will feature a number of songs featuring strobing visuals and some of the emo-punk's most beloved tracks.


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