Gojira Silvera Video Review

March 4, 2023

gojira silvera meaning

The French metal band gojira is known for its frenetic and often chaotic approach to music. They're a major force in the genre and have become one of the most influential bands to come out of France. Their most recent album, Magma, has been praised as their best and heaviest yet.

'Silvera' Meaning

"Silvera" is the second track from the new Gojira album, Magma. It's a fantastic, bludgeoning track that reflects the band's penchant for heavy groove metal and Eastern influences. It also features more clean vocals than their previous work.

'Silvera' Video

In the video for 'Silvera', we get a mixture of gorgeous NYC aerial shots and footage of Gojira playing the track on a rooftop. As well, there are strange abstract vignettes featuring bizarre humans who defy gravity. In one of them, a woman is covered in a flour-like substance that's similar to bread. There's also a man who has a clone kiss on his face while he holds a tablet selfie-style and another woman whose eyes bleed black tar. The entire video is a brilliant and disturbing display of the band's talent and creativity.


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