Gilbert Galvan Jr. (Movie Review)

September 7, 2023

After escaping from prison in Wisconsin, charming career criminal Gilbert Galvan Jr. (Josh Duhamel) heads north into Canada where he assumes the identity of Robert Whiteman. Taking a job at a church-ran hostel and falling for Andrea (Elisha Cuthbert), he starts to settle down, but his criminal ways beckon. He starts casing local banks, noting their small staffs and lax security — then begins robbing them. Galvan/Robert quickly becomes one of the country's most prolific bank robbers, earning him the moniker The Flying Bandit. He also earns the attention of a determined cop (Nestor Carbonell) and grizzled Ottawa crime boss Tommy Kay, who backs him up for his next jobs in exchange for a cut of each score.

Galvan's savvy led him to start robbing jewelry stores as well — his biggest payday came in Vancouver when he stole $1.2 million worth of Birks jewels. Despite racking up 59 bank and jewelry store robberies, Galvan/The Flying Bandit was caught just a few months later.

Toronto director Allan Ungar adapts Kraig Wenman's book for the big screen, and he's got a solid cast at his disposal including Elisha Cuthbert as Galvan's wife; Nestor Carbonell as the police detective on his trail; and Mel Gibson as an Ottawa crime kingpin. We got to ask the stars about working on the film, their favorite eyeliner jokes and more. Plus, director Ungar spills on working with real-life star Galvan.


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